Perri’s Leathers Ltd Guitar Strap, 2” Wide Deluxe Italian Leather, Super Soft Suede Backing, Adjustable Length, (BM2… Price: 39,37 (as of 28/10/2020 05:03 PST- Details)

DELUXE SERIES – 2” inch wide Deluxe Italian Leather with super soft suede backing, adjustable length 44. 5” to 53” inches long for Standard size and 44. 5” to 60” inches long for Extra Long size
FIT, COMFORT & QUALITY – Adjustability and two available sizes means best proper fit to take weight load off shoulders and neck, very soft & comfy non-slipping suede backing strap gives even weight distribution, most comfortable strap even with heavy guitars and basses, strong durable non-slipping suede backing, reinforced around keyhole and adjustment slots, high-quality straps made in Canada which lasts after years of use
DESIGN & FEATURES – Vintage neutral plain look & design, quick and easy attachment to all guitar sizes small medium large xlarge oversized, variety of colors and xlong length choices: black, brown, chestnut, chocolate, grey, mahogany (reddish-brown), oak (light brown), vintage


2 „deluxe“, Leder, italienisch
Länge verstellbar von 113 bis 134,6 cm
Super weiches Wildleder-Unterseite.
Das ideale Geschenk für Gitarristen