Nickel Wing Horn Pitch – Verkauft mit Hard Case mit Flap by sonorous Price: 118,99 (as of 30/10/2020 05:33 PST- Details)

Handgefertigtes Flügelhorn
Inklusive Hardcase und Mundstück
Phosphorkupfer für Mundrohr aus Blei


Description: The flugelhorn trumpet is a brass instrument, but has a large, conical hole. Parts, keep a member of the Saxhorn family developed by Adolphe Sax (also saxophones). Other historians: the buggy with the design of saurle. The German wing in English as well as the wings. The instrument was built on the flanks of an army.
Länge: 18,5 cm
Glockendurchmesser: 6 cm (15,25 cm).
Inklusive Koffer und Mund.
Pitch: bb-flat
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