Mini-Tango für Klavier – 34 kleine und größere Vortragsstücke für Klavier zu zwei und vier Händen (DV 32148) Price: 16,90 (as of 31/01/2019 23:41 PST- Details)


Schmitz: Mini-Tango Tangissimo! It’s not only our legs, but our fingers, too, that find the tango rhythm irresistible! Manfred Schmitz proves this in all 34 pieces of his Mini Tango. From the first Tango charlatán to the closing Adios Tango, a South American flair wafts through the pieces ? and their titles, which are also printed in Spanish. In the tangos for piano duet, the two parts are of equal difficulty. Altogether the palette ranges from very easy to medium difficulty. Tangissimo is a rewarding complement to the previous Mini Jazz (DV 31091-93) and Mini Rock (DV 31101 ? 03), both of which are published in three books. Table des matières 01 Parrot Tango 02 Penguin Tango 03 Evening Tango 04 Morning Tango 05 Little Tango Method I 06 Little Tango Method II 07 Sad Tango 08 Tango for Manuela 09 Tango for Pedro 10 Tell me a Story, Tango 11 Tango for TWO 12 ango on the Rainbow 13 Solo for … 14 Little Tango Dream 15 Lonely dancing Girl 16 Tango for Elise 17 Tango Prelude I 18 Tango Scene 19 Tango-Intermezzo 20 Tango Fantasy 21 Melancholy Tango 22 Tango Aurora 23 Tango Serenade I 24 Tango Festival I 25 Tango Prelude II 26 Goodbye, Argentina 27 Tango Serenade II 28 Tango under a starry Sky 29 Tango Festival II 30 The Tango Pianist 31 Jasmine 32 Spring Tango 33 Black Rose 34 Farewell Tango