Maharaja spezielle Dholak (dholki), Full Size Sheesham Holz mit Tuning Schlüssel Gepolsterte Tasche Price: 275,73 (as of 27/10/2020 02:12 PST- Details)

Seil sowie Bolt abgestimmte, speziell Dholak. Tuning-Schlüssel und Tasche sind im Lieferumfang enthalten


✔ GENUINE PRODUCT / AUTHORIZED SELLER MaharajaMusicalsOfficial-buyRaagini is the ONLY authorised seller for MAHARAJA MUSICALS Products on Amazon. BEWARE OF OTHER SELLERS. ONLY BUY FROM MaharajaMusicalsOfficial-buyRaagini seller for genuine items. All the terms mentioned in this listing only relate to sales by MaharajaMusicalsOfficial-buyRaagini seller. ✔ FEATURES Made from Dried Mango Wood Natural Color Bolt Tuned Easy to Tune Nickel Plated Bolts and Nuts ✔ Dholak Dimensions: Length: 16 to 17 Inches This is a handmade instrument and minor scratches/chips might be present. Bass skin size: 9 Inches approx. Treble skin size: 7 Inches approx. Weight: 4 to 5 KG approx ✔ PACKAGE CONTAINS One Natural Color, Bolt Tuned Dholak One Padded Bag One Tuning Spanner ✔ 100% SATISFACTION! NOTE: It is advised to please open the packing of the instrument so that it gets aired and stays in tune. Also, keep it away from extreme hot or damp area. Please reach out to us – buyRaagini or Maharaja Musicals for Excellent After Sales Support for any minor or major issues. We want your 5-star ratings ✮✮✮✮✮
Beautifully designed and in perfect colored finish combination
Includes a carrying bag and a mouthpiece.
Phosphorus copper used on lead mouth pipe.
30 days warranty against any manufacturing defect .