Hip Hop Beats and Treats

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Three different producer teams contributed to this title with fresh HipHop loops a plenty. Lots and lots of Drum Loops. These are presented in variations and with the actual hits used to program them. This is perfect if you want to add to the rhythms, or program something yourself inspired by the sound of a particular set of loops. The Drum Loops cover the entire ränge from the more slick side of Hip Hop, to the Raw & Dirty. Some really cool sections of Affected Riddims from Vocoder, Talkbox and other LeftField gear to spiee up and transform the beats. Also included are Mouthbox Loops and Scratches to rock di nation. This is a must if you are creating Hip Hop, Rap and R’n’ß, and very usable if you are into Drum’n’Bass. Sounds & Cycles Triple Disc Set! Plus additional CD-ROMs with Steinberg Software demos 300-400 MB (500-1000 sounds) of unique, newly produced material. Compatible with everything that does sampling and hard disk recording – the sounds are available in 4 different formats: REX files for use with Cubase VST and other compatible Software. REX files are Recycled loops which give the freedom to choose tempo, and also allow for tempo changes in real time. WAV files for use with all PC audio sequencers and Windows music Software. AIFF files for use with all Mac audio sequencers and music Software. Audio for any sampler, no matter how old or new. Safe Sampling – The Sounds Goods guarantee of original and license free samples. No licensing, registration or additional fees to use the sounds in commercial music production. Loop Connector. The titles in this series work interactively as one big library of interchangeable loops.