Jim Dunlop JD-83CN Trigger-Kapodaster (gewölbt, aus Nickel)

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Erhältlich als flache oder gewölbte Ausführung
Unerlässlich für jeden Gitarristen
Passend für die meisten Akustik- oder E-Gitarren


These C6B from Dunlop are SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THE Acoustic Gold Electric Guitar, Whether This One has 6 Gold 12 Strings. It is Curved and the shape Fits Most commercially available Instrumente. It s Ergonomic shape and Padded Handle auch makes it easy to operate, so you ‚ll have Jahr Easy Time Positioning, Changing Wickelunterlage and Removing it. The Spring Aktion, die wir The Dunlop C6B is specially Vinylgewebe, To Clamp it firmly in Platz without Pulling Your Strings Out Of Tune.
For Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Made of Nickel
Comes in a variety of colors
easy to operate
Ergonomic Design
Available in:
83 CN Nickel Acoustic Guitar Capo
88 N Women Nickel Classical Guitar Capo
87 N Nickel Electric Guitar Capo
87B Black Electric Guitar Capo

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