Dunlop Tortex Plectrums


This is one of the most Recognised Name in the music Industry. From Amateur to Season Professionals use gold Have verwendet Tortex in Their Music,. They are made to SIMULATE The Tone of a Tortoise Shell Plectrum. Their Powdery Textur leichter Them Slip Resistant and comes from Their Manufacturing – Process. They are made of Quality Material That makes Them Last For A Long Time. The Tortex Plectrums by Dunlop Come in a 12-in A VARIETY OF COLOURS.
Original Tortex Plectrum
Quality Material
Slip Resistant
Variety of Colours and Gauges
0,50 mm 12 –
0,6 mm 12 –
0,73 mm 12-auch available in Stück 72 Picks
0.88 mm 12 –
1.00 mm 12 –
1,1 mm 12 –

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